What's the deal with
Shark Pig Weddings?
We offer highly edited, short, stylish wedding videos. The goal is to capture what it felt like to be there more than a comprehensive document of everything that happened. We present our work as "vignettes" which are like music videos. It's all the best footage from the entire day boiled down to one or two songs - depending on what package you go with.
Do you also provide the whole wedding ceremony uncut?
Why not?
No. We don't do that.
Mostly because we don't think you'll actually enjoy watching that very much. Our vignettes are easy to share with friends & family, and our clients often tell us that they love watching them over and over. That's because of how short and compact they are. We do provide an uncut presentation of the ceremony vows. If you're not planning on having vows, we can figure out something else to capture in that more traditional videography way. Ask us about it.
Do you travel? Where are you based?
What kind of travel costs can we expect?
We're based in Los Angeles, but we absolutely love to travel. We're lucky enough to have traveled all over the world filming weddings. Our work seems particularly effective with destination weddings because our couples can share the experience with anyone who couldn't make the journey.
We charge one simple flat travel stipend. We don't add any additional fees for the traveling days, but we do have to cover our hard costs. You know, the basic things: flight, food and shelter. If you prefer to do a direct reimbursement instead of a stipend, that's ok but we've found that the process is a lot more drawn out. We promise that we're not trying to make money off travel fees. That would be a silly way to make money anyway.
How do we book you?
When is the second deposit due?
We do a 50% deposit to book the date, and we don't book out any further than a year in advance. Because even though you don't, we have commitment issues!
The day of the event.
Who picks the music?
There are a few ways to do it. Our favorite method is when you send us 10 or 15 songs that you LOVE and let us figure out which song fits the footage best. Of course you can strait up tell us which song to use, as long as you don't torture us anymore with that Mumford guy and his kids.
I need someone dead. Do you do that?
Yes. We're also a real killing gang.
Nah. We're a bunch of softies.
How long does it take to get our finished videos?
Why does it take so long?
We will deliver everything within six months but we can usually get you everything sooner.
The film. In order to keep the cost of it down, we process the film in bulk. First it needs to be developed, and then we get it professionally color graded and telecined to a full resolution HD file. It turns out looking awesome, but it takes awhile. We also work as directors and producers on commercials and films, so from time to time our wedding editing cue gets DEEP. Deep like the minds of Minolta. But hey - we do offer a "sneak peek" you can get two weeks after the wedding in our a la carte add ons.
Can we hire you to shoot and not edit? My cousin's roommate is an editor.
Ok well then can we just send you footage of our wedding and get an edit? My cousin's other roommate is a camera guy.
Well...you probably like what we shoot mostly because of our editing skills, and we'd like to handle the whole process.
As much as we like editing, our calendar is pretty much full with what we shoot ourselves. We tried to do this a couple of times, but it never worked out very well. So we've decided not to do it anymore.
How many shooters come to the wedding?
Two. By default we send two. If it becomes a problem with travel costs, we can totally send just one. Many of our films were captured on a solo mission. It's fun that way. It's fun both ways actually. Please note: opting for one shooter doesn't reduce the package price. It's a lot more work for that one person, so we pay them for it.
Will you shoot us doing The Nasty on our wedding night?
For real?
Totally! Consummation Packages start at $10,000, and include additional A La Carte items like GoPro Boner Cams and stuff like that.
Nope. I mean...no one has ever actually asked us. But I mean...no. That was a joke.
Will the person who films our wedding edit our wedding?
The editing is a team effort. We have an in house editor who keeps the cue moving all the time. Even when the shooters are traveling, shooting, traveling more, or sleeping...our editor is working. The shooters still have a major voice in how the finished films turn out though, but all our films are approved with a systematic process of internal feedback and quality control measures. The short answer is: everyone is pretty involved.
Do your shooters live off of sunlight and air?
So you're saying we should feed you at the wedding?
No! We're not plants. We're animal kingdom. Mammals. (and one reptile)
Ok. You saw right though our ruse. It's not really a frequently asked question. It's just something that happens to wedding vendors. We either get rushed away into a closet and fed an old sandwich from a box, or we get cold left overs that we're supposed to wolf down right when your Dad decides to make a toast. But we love food. We dance better if we can eat. We stay longer if we can eat. I guess this has really turned into a shameless ploy for food.