What if
wedding videos
didn’t suck?

That was the question that we started with ten years ago. Back then most of them really did suck, so it was easy to stand out. Nowadays, people are doing all kinds of new and exciting stuff with wedding cinema. So if you’re reading this as a newly engaged couple, we understand it is truly overwhelming to find the right vendors for your wedding. So we’ve written up a bit about what we do, and what we don’t do, to help you decide if we’re the team for you!

Oh but first - Holy Shit! You’re getting married! Congratulations! That’s a really big deal. We want you to have an amazing celebration - whether you book us or not. After attending nearly 1,000 weddings, we’ve found that the best ones happen when couples decide to do what they really want and kind of forget about the rest. You’ll find that we have a similar outlook for our own company, which is why we can talk so candidly with you. We honestly want you to hire the videographers who make the kind of stuff you like - that is, if you even want a video at all!

Choosing a videographer is a really big decision to make, and we take a pretty specific approach to our films. You should have the right team with you on your big day.

Do what you want and forget the rest. That attitude is also what makes us such good documentarians. We respect the fact that your wedding will be just as individual as you are. That’s why we never use an editing template, or a formula, and we don’t make you do “takes” on the wedding day. We honor the unique nature of your wedding, and catch moments as they happen. We make our editing choices by following our own creative instincts. In other words, we keep working on them until we think they’re actually good, not just what a wedding video is “supposed to be.”

So, what’s the approach?

We make heavily edited, super stylish, short music videos of your wedding. We call them “Vignettes” because it sounds fancier than “music videos,” but that’s basically what they are. Depending on what package you book, we distill your entire wedding down into the length of one or two songs. We do have a longer video format - The Featurette - which is a mix of sync sound, cinema verite, and music video style editing. It’s easier to compare all our packages by checking out examples in our Portfolio, or check out this brief (hopefully funny) video about our services:


So that’s what we do. That’s our speciality. We make films that encapsulate the overall feeling of your wedding. It’s a little bit tricky, to be honest! But in the ten years we’ve been working on it, we have been witness to celebrations of Love all over the world, shot miles and miles of film, been welcomed into the lives of our clients who become our friends, and as a byproduct of all that… we got a lot better at making wedding videos! It’s our craft, and we take it seriously, even though we’re a bunch of maniacs. Check out The Hubbub to see how our clients feel when they get their finished films from us.

How can you encapsulate a feeling?

There are a few techniques, all of which center around actually giving a shit. We want to make you something awesome! And that urge leads us right into the heart of your wedding. We try to blend in with your closest family and friends in order to film the day from the inside out. For instance - when we’re shooting dancing, we dance. And not like… a little shuffle. I mean we go off. Why? Because then your dancing guests also feel like it’s okay to go off even though we are next to them with a video camera. Instead of standing on the side with a tripod and a big ugly light just hoping that everyone ignores how awkward that is, we get outstanding dancing footage by dancing. Here’s the real deal: You are going to spend a significant part of your wedding day with a videographer right by your side. You should be comfortable with them. They should get to know your family. They should pay attention with a caring eye, and that’s how we make films. And yes - we can actually call them films because we shoot real super 8mm film at every wedding. Check out why that’s important to us here:

Anywho, that’s our schtick. We would be honored to be there with you on your wedding day and make you a fantastic film. If you’re even a little curious about how that would work, get ahold of us! We want to hear from you.